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Giving back, contributing to Drupal and other open source projects


Open source software has been taking the world by storm in the last decade and it seems to be accelerating at an ever so rapid pace. This is especially true in the enterprise where every day huge corporations are using it to drive innovation, interact with their customers, and improve their bottom line. We work with some of these companies on a day to day basis helping with their implementations and so we understand why. It's obviously a huge win-win.

Design for Drupal Boston 2011 is this weekend. See you there!


The third annual Drupal Design Camp Boston is taking place again on Saturday and Sunday, June 25 - 26, at the MIT Stata Center. This event hosts presentations, training, and discussions focussing on everything from usability to technology from a design perspective. So far over 250 Drupalistas have signed on including Gravitek Lab's own Jacine (jacine) and RJ (rjstatic). For those interested getting involved, discussing, or just staying in the loop of the HTML5 Initiative for Drupal 8 that Jacine is running, be on the look out for her "HTML5 in Drupal 8" BoF discussion.

Firesheep, aka why you should always use SSL or HTTPS


A new Firefox extension called Firesheep was recently released that can turn anyone with a web browser into a dangerous script kiddie. The tool makes it ridiculously easy to capture another person's session cookie and use it to access a site that they are currently logged into as if you are also logged into it. If you haven't seen it yet, make sure you check it out. It's a big game changer for security.

Basically anytime you are on unsecured wifi (or on a non switched network) it will let you easily, with one click, hijack someone else's session cookie for a site and use it as your own to log into that site with their credentials.

Skinr: The ultimate module for themers?


There has been a big buzz surrounding Skinr these days especially at Drupalcon SF 2010. There is also a lot of confusion about what it actually is and does. Being that the module was developed by my fellow employee Bala Bosh and the brain child of my sister Jacine Rodriguez, I have a unique view of Skinr. I'm not too involved to the point where I can't explain the basics and how its useful for every themer.

For those of you who don't know about Skinr, in a nutshell it is a module that allows the themer to preset specific styles for content that can be applied through the UI. You can control anything with skinr that has a preprocess function - the entire page, nodes, blocks, comments, views, panels. The kinds of things you can do are limited only by your imagination.

Hello Universe & Welcome


Welcome to our new website and blog... Yes we know, this should have happened some time ago. Our team has been working hard and having fun with a variety of exciting, interesting and challenging projects with our hip clients but alas we haven't put in the time necessary for ourselves. On my life long quest to always learn and improve myself, I personally have been a steady consumer of content. Thank you to each and every one of you who have written and shared your experience and knowledge with us and the rest of the world. We wish to return the favor, continue the dialog, and maybe even help others learn a thing or two in the process.

In the coming months and years we plan to cover the following topics (and much more:)