Chris Bryant
Co-founder, Lead Consultant, Systems Administrator

Chris Bryant

A tree hugging technology junkie who loves all things community and open source, Chris spends most of his time involved with Gravitek Labs, Drupal, Gentoo, Linux, open source software, web trends, and information architecture & visualization. When Chris can pull himself away from the computer he enjoys hiking, surfing, snowboarding, & mountain biking.

Chris started Gravitek Labs with a few good friends where they brought their minds together to architect and build a wide range of projects, from extensive social network/community sites to complex web applications. Our primary focus is to make sure our work enables you to meet your business goals.

Chris also spends what little spare time he has participating and helping in the Drupal community online, at local user group meetings, Drupal camps (BADcamp!,) and Drupalcons. Chris and his team are also working to help make Drupal easier to setup, automate and theme using the Patterns and Skinr modules.

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